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Lessons on China

American Transcendentalism & Buddhism: Cross-cultural Relationships, Loraine Hammack, Cleveland 05

Ancient China, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05

Architecture of China: A Web-based Search, Jill Hurley, Columbus 04

Asian Studies Unit: China, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04

Among the Hidden, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Deborah Robinson, Columbus 06

China and Communism, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04

China and Normal Trade Relations with the U.S. , Jeff Smith, Wooster 07

China and the Silk Road, Mary L. Kelley , Cincinnati 06

China and Taiwan: "One China?", Steve Murray , Columbus 06

China Before and After Mao, Misty Swanger, Columbus 04

China is Unique, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04

China Rocks! Chinese Calligraphy on Stone, Una King, Wooster 07

China's Customs, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04

China's Long March, Linnet Knight, Columbus 04

China's River Valleys, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04

Chinese Art: Botanical Motifs, Greg Walton, Columbus 04

Chinese Civilization in Relation to Geography, Rhoda Erdman, Cleveland 05

Chinese Contributions to the World, Beth Schmidt, Cincinnati 06

Chinese Development, Chad Flaig, Cincinnati 06

Chinese Dragons, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07

Chinese Dynasties & Mongol Invasions, Amy Netter, Toledo 05

Chinese Economic Experiment, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06

Chinese Food: A Cultural Lesson Plan, Ann Matney, Toledo 07

Chinese Inventions, Alaric Harris, Cincinnati 06

Chinese Language, David Parish, Wooster 07

Chinese Minority Cultures Literature Review, Bonnie Shiplet, Columbus 04

Chinese Mythology, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06

Chinese New Year, Hong Zhu, Toledo 05

Chinese Paper Cuts, Patricia Banas, Columbus 04

Chinese Zodiac, Harry Gao, Columbus 06

Collapse of Chinese Imperial Rule, Anne O'Leary, Toledo 05

Confucianism, Laina Kominos, Columbus 06

Confucius, Lauren Glaros, Columbus 04

Confucius & Confucianism, Hui-Ling Haldeman, Cleveland 05

Confucius and His Teachings, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05

Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting, Pamela McDowell, Columbus 04

Contributions of Chinese Dynasties, Michelle Miller, Toledo 05

Culture & Young Adult Literature, Barbara McBrady, Cincinnati 06

Cultural Place-setting Still life - Advanced Art, Shelley Harvan, Cleveland 05

The Cultural Practice of Foot Binding, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07

Culture Sharing: History, Politics, Government, Barbara Wookey , Columbus 06

Day of the Dragon King, Susan Mendenhall, Wooster 07

Debating the Three Gorges Dam Project, Rose Schlosser, Columbus 04

Dragons, Michelle Mrakovich, Cleveland 05

Dragons of China, Shari Densel, Toledo 07

Economic Development in China, Jolene Dyer, Wooster 07

Evaluating the Open Door Policy in China, Kathy Swanger, Columbus 04

Exploring the Daoist worldview, David Fawcett, Columbus 06

Feng Shui for the Budding Interior Decorator, Deborah Robinson , Columbus 06

Five Themes of Geography, Andrea Dumolt, Columbus 04

The Future of China's Economic System, Mona Al-Hayani, Toledo 07

The Future of Two Chinas, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06

A General Understanding of China's Geography, Culture, and History, Toni Foltz, Toledo 05

Geography of China, Maryann Harris, Cleveland 05

The Geography of European Imperialism: Spheres of Influence in China, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07

The Geography of Mainland China, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04

Global Impact of World War I: China, Charles Bell, Wooster 07

The Great Leap Forward, Bobbie Mucha, Columbus 06

The Great Wall of China, Rebecca Volkmann, Columbus 04

Gung Hay Fat Choy / The Chinese New Year, Susan Stroh & Linda Glave, Toledo 05

Homemade Chinese Paper, Erin Santangelo, Toledo 07

Hong Kong vs. Shanghai, Tom Molnar, Columbus 04

Integrating Chinese Dance into Social Studies and Humanities Curriculum, Loren Bucek, Columbus 06

Introduction to Chinese Religions, Brendan Malone, Toledo 07

Is China a Threat to the U.S.? , Dean, Cincinnati 06

Journey to Tibet, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04

Learning Chinese Language, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04

Lon Po Po, a Chinese Little Red Riding Hood, Edith Swank, Wooster 07

Lu Xun's Preface and "Diary of a Madman", Susan Coffman, Columbus 04

Ming Dynasty, Jennifer McClure, Toledo 05

New Year Celebrations in China (Chun Jie), Yi Zhang , Columbus 06

Newscasts from Tiananmen Square, Scott Nickel, Columbus 04

The Opium Trade, the Opium War, and the Treaty of Nanjing, Mary Hetrick, Wooster 07

Physical Geography of China, David Parish, Wooster 07

Red Scarf Girl: The Cultural Revolution, Dottie Worley, Toledo 05

The Republican Revolution of 1911, Ralph Salzer, Columbus 04

Revolution in China and the Fall of Imperialism, Jennifer Preslan, Toledo 07

Scientific and Cultural Advancements of Early China, Virginia Ressa , Columbus 06

Silkworms Spinning Their Way into History, Beth MacLehose , Columbus 06

Song Dynasty Traditional Landscape Paintings, Rebecca Pope, Columbus 04

Spread of Buddhism, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05

Sports in China, Joan Perry-Szafarowicz, Toledo 07

Symbolism in China's Material Goods, Carol Roger, Wooster 07

The Tang Poets and Landscape Art, Jamie Foley , Columbus 06

Taoism, Tracy Imamura, Columbus 04

The Technology in China Pre-17th Century, James Swift, Cincinnati 06

Tiananmen Square, Brian Buck, Toledo 05

Understanding History through Oracle Bone Study, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04

A Unique Political History, Thomas Ulrich, Toledo 05

Women in China, Jennifer Swinehart, Columbus 04

The Yangtze River: Lifeline of China, Ruth Beschta, Columbus 04

Zhou Dynasty Philosophies, Ralph King, Columbus 04


Lessons on Japan

An American Perspective on Japan: Oral History Memoirs of American Experiences in Japan, Nancy Clendenen

Analyzing Japanese Imperialism, Kathy Swanger, Columbus 04

Art of Japan, Shari Densel, Toledo 07

Asian Studies Unit: Japan, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04

Atomic Bombs in WWII, Andrew Salzer, Columbus 04

Atrocities during World War II, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06

Bombing of Hiroshima: A Japanese Perspective, Joan Perry-Szafarowicz, Toledo 07

The Caste System in Japan, James Swift , Cincinnati 06

Chanoyu: The Art of Tea, Susan Stroh & Linda Glave, Toledo 05

Cleanliness in Japan and the U.S., Mary L. Kelley, Cincinnati 06

Comparing the Japanese Educational System to the American, David Parish, Wooster 07

Comparison of American and Japanese Cultural Values, Beth Schmidt, Cincinnati 06

Comparison of Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes Trials, Jolene Dyer, Wooster 07

Consumerism/ Pop Culture/ with Colored Pencil Drawing, Shelley Harvan, Cleveland 05

Contemporary Japanese Relief Painting, Pamela McDowell, Columbus 04

Culture Sharing: Holidays and Special Days, Barbara Wookey, Columbus 06

Disputed Land, Bobbie Mucha, Columbus 06

Drawing Anime Style, Rebecca Pope, Columbus 04

Experiencing Japanese Feudalism, Amy Netter, Toledo 05

Feudalism in Japan and Europe, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06

Further Reading, Thomas Ulrich, Toledo 05

Geography of Japan, Maryann Harris, Cleveland 05

Global Impact of World War I: Japan, Charles Bell, Wooster 07

Go Fly a Kite!, Erin Santangelo, Toledo 07

Grave of the Fireflies, Scott Nickel, Columbus 04

Haiku, Laina Kominos, Columbus 06

Haiku of Basho, Edith Swank, Wooster 07

Haiku Poetry of Japan, Alaric Harris, Cincinnati 06

Himeji vs. Harlech Bulletin Boards: Comparing the Similarities and Differences of Medieval Castles, Rose Schlosser, Columbus 04

Hiroshima, Japan, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04

Imposing Democracy, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06

Integrating Anime & Manga into my Art of Motion Picture Course, Loraine Hammack, Cleveland 05

Integrating Traditional Japanese Dance into Social Studies and Humanities Curriculum, Loren Bucek, Columbus 06

Internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07

Introduction to Japanese Government, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04

Introduction to Japanese Religions, Brendan Malone, Toledo 07

Introduction to Literature of Japan, Connie Massaro, Wooster 07

Isamu Noguchi, Patricia Banas, Columbus 04

Japan and the Ring of Fire, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun, Ruth Beschta, Columbus 04

Japan's Feudal System, Linnet Knight, Columbus 04

Japanese Bookbinding Kit, Greg Walton, Columbus 04

Japanese Culture, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04

Japanese Culture, Medieval-Modern, Tradition & Change, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05

Japanese Customs: The Treatment of Lost Property, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04

Japanese History, Steve Murray, Columbus 06

Japanese Industrialization, Dean, Cincinnati 06

Japanese Manners & Lifestyle, Hui-Ling Haldeman, Cleveland 05

The Japanese Military Build-Up, Jeff Smith, Wooster 07

Japanese Modernization & Imperialism 1850-1907, Anne O'Leary, Toledo 05

Japanese New Year, Hong Zhu, Toledo 05

Japanese Printmaking, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04

Japanese Religion, Dottie Worley, Toledo 05

Japanese Shodo & PPT, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06

Japanese Social Rules and Interactions, Andrew Salzer, Columbus 04

Japanese Society, Tracy Imamura, Columbus 04

Japanese Tall Tales, Carol Roger, Wooster 07

Japanese Tanka & PPT, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06

Japanese Theatre, Michelle Miller, Toledo 05

Japanese War Crimes of the Sino-Japanese War and World War I, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07

Japanese Wood Block Prints, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07

Kindergarten Education in Japan and the United States, Misty Swanger, Columbus 04

Kites of Japan, Jill Hurley, Columbus 04

Language, Literature, the Arts, Beliefs, and Values, Toni Foltz, Toledo 05

Meiji Mondernization, Andrea Dumolt, Columbus 04

Modern Japan: Tsunami Relief, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05

Nakahama Manjiro, Bonnie Shiplet, Columbus 04

Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story, Rebecca Volkmann, Columbus 04

New Year Celebrations in Japan, Yi Zhang , Columbus 06

Planning a 2 week trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, David Fawcett, Columbus 06

Post War Japan, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05

The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, Susan Coffman, Columbus 04

Prime Minister and World War II Shrine, Craig Rush, Cincinnati 06

The Rape of Nanking: Moral Accountability in a Time of War, Michael Hinze, Columbus 06

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Susan Mendenhall, Wooster 07

Sexual Stereotypes in Japan, Jennifer Swinehart, Columbus 04

Shinto, Lauren Glaros, Columbus 04

Studying the Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon, Jamie Foley, Columbus 06

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks, Beth MacLehose , Columbus 06

Tanabata: The Japanese “Wish Upon a Star”Festival & Sound Clip, Deborah Robinson, Columbus 06

Tea Ceremony, Rhoda Erdman, Cleveland 05

Teaching about Peace through the Cranes of Hiroshima, Una King, Wooster 07

Terminating the War between the Allies and Japan, Mary Hetrick, Wooster 07

Themes in Japanese Anime, Barbara McBrady , Cincinnati 06

Tokugawa Major Class Groups, Jennifer McClure, Toledo 05

Trade Between the U.S. and Japan, Chad Flaig, Cincinnati 06

The Treatment of WWII in History, Michael Hinze, Columbus 06

Tree of Cranes, Harry Gao, Columbus 06

Trickster Tales: African American and Japanese, Ann Matney, Toledo 07

Understanding Interpersonal Relations in Japanese Culture, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04

Uniformity in Japan, Ralph King, Columbus 04

Using News Broadcasts in Japan and the U.S as Cultural Lenses, Deborah Robinson, Columbus 06

Visual Literacy Activity, Michelle Mrakovich, Cleveland 05

Women in Two Countries: Japan and America, Jennifer Preslan, Toledo 07

World War II: Japanese-American Internment, Mona Al-Hayani, Toledo 07

Yu-Gi-Oh! Marking History, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05

Zen Buddhism, Tom Molnar, Columbus 04


Lessons on Korea

Altered Books: A Self-Portrait, Shari Densel, Toledo 07

Amazing Race, Susan Stroh & Linda Glave, Toledo 05

Architectural Styles in Korea, Ralph King, Columbus 04

Asian Studies Unit: Korea, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04

The Celadon Glazes of Korea, Patricia Banas, Columbus 04

Coming of Age Readings: Experiences in Korea & by Asians in America, Loraine Hammack, Cleveland 05

A Comparison of Sijo and Haiku, Tracy Imamura, Columbus 04

Conflict Management: Two Koreas, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06

Contemporary Korean Collage, Pamela McDowell, Columbus 04

Culture, Michelle Mrakovich, Cleveland 05

Culture Sharing: Geography, Climate, Symbols, Barbara Wookey, Columbus 06

Data Comparison & Interpretation: North Korea, South Korea, and the United States, Mona Al-Hayani, Toledo 07

A Debate of the 38th Parallel: Was It Right?, Jennifer Preslan, Toledo 07

Discovering Culture Through Literature, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04

Early Development of Korea, Anne O'Leary, Toledo 05

Geography of Korea, Maryann Harris, Cleveland 05

Global Impact of World War I: Korea, Charles Bell, Wooster 07

Government of North Korea, Jolene Dyer, Wooster 07

History of Korea, Jennifer McClure, Toledo 05

Homemade Hanbok Dolls, Erin Santangelo, Toledo 07

How Do You Get to Korea?, Amy Netter, Toledo 05

Imaginary Trip to Korea, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07

Integrating Korean Dance into Social Studies and Humanities Curriculum, Loren Bucek, Columbus 06

Introduction to Korea, Susan Mendenhall, Wooster 07

Introduction to Korean Language and Writing, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07

Invention Timeline, Beth MacLehose, Columbus 06

Japan Colonizes Korea, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07

Japanese Invasion of Korea, 1592, Brendan Malone, Toledo 07

Kimchee, Bonnie Shiplet, Columbus 04

Korea Through a Short Story, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04

Korean-American Literature, Connie Massaro, Wooster 07

The Korean Cinderella, Dottie Worley, Toledo 05

Korean Comfort Women, Jennifer Swinehart, Columbus 04

Korean Cultural Development under the Influence of China & Japan, Toni Foltz, Toledo 05

Korean Culture, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04

Korean Economic Development, Chad Flaig , Cincinnati 06

Korean Holiday Calendar, Andrea Dumolt, Columbus 04

Korean Folk Paintings: The Symbolic Tiger, Jill Hurley, Columbus 04

Korean Foods, Brian Buck, Toledo 05

Korean Language, Culture, & History, Hui-Ling Haldeman, Cleveland 05

Korean Literature's Revelation on War and Invasion, Tom Molnar, Columbus 04

Korea Lunar New Year, Hong Zhu, Toledo 05

Korean Road Trip, Linnet Knight, Columbus 04

Korean Sijo, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06

Korean Table Manners, David Parish, Wooster 07

The Korean War, Andrew Salzer, Columbus 04

Korean War Short Story, Misty Swanger, Columbus 04

Korean War Stories, David Fawcett, Columbus 06

Koryo Dynasty Ceramics, Rebecca Pope, Columbus 04

Lessons in Loss: Year of Impossible Goodbyes, Carol Roger, Wooster 07

Life in Korea during the Korean War, Michelle Miller, Toledo 05

Life in Korea During World War II: When My Name Was Keoko, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06

Lost Names of Korea, Mary L. Kelley, Cincinnati 06

Map Work About the Korean War, Kathy Swanger, Columbus 04

Modern Korea, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05

New Year Celebrations in Korea, Yi Zhang, Columbus 06

The Name Jar, Harry Gao, Columbus 06

No Gun Ri, Korea, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04

North Korea: Are They a Nuclear Weapon Threat?, Joan Perry-Szafarowicz, Toledo 07

North Korea: A True Totalitarian Government?, Joy Vargas Painter, Wooster 07

North Korea and Nuclear Weapons Development, Jeff Smith, Wooster 07

North Korea's Nuclear Program, Beth Schmidt, Cincinnati 06

The North Korean Nuclear Threat, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04

The North Korean Nuclear Threat, Craig Rush, Cincinnati 06

"One Korea?", Steve Murray, Columbus 06

P'ansori, Susan Coffman, Columbus 04

Personal Accounts of the Korean Civil War, 1950-1953, Mary Hetrick, Wooster 07

Reading "Lost Names", Barbara McBrady, Cincinnati 06

Resistance to Western Ideas, Thomas Ulrich, Toledo 05

Roof Tiles in Korean Architecture, Greg Walton, Columbus 04

Self Portrait - Advanced Art, Shelley Harvan, Cleveland 05

“Selling Seoul”, Bobbie Mucha, Columbus 06

The Seven Wonders of the Republic of Korea, Rose Schlosser, Columbus 04

A Single Shard, Edith Swank, Wooster 07

The Single Shard, Lauren Glaros, Columbus 04

South Korea, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04

A Study of the Seokguram Grotto and the Buddha Project, Jamie Foley, Columbus 06

Tale of Hungbu and Nolbu, Laina Kominos, Columbus 06

Timeline of the Korean War, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04

The Teachings of Confucius, Ruth Beschta, Columbus 04

Try Your Hand at Han’geul & PPT, Deborah Robinson , Columbus 06

The Two Koreas: South-North Joint Declarations on the Journey Towards Reunification, Scott Nickel, Columbus 04

Unique Aspects of Korea, James Swift, Cincinnati 06

Urban Myths and Legends of Korea and the United States, Ann Matney, Toledo 07

Vegetable Civilization, Rhoda Erdman, Cleveland 05

When Conflicting Cultures Collide, Dean, Cincinnati 06

When My Name Was Keoko, Rebecca Volkmann, Columbus 04

Yut: A Traditional Korean Game, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07


Lessons on East Asia

Ancient Man in Asia, Nancy Clendenen, Columbus 04

Asian Cinderella Tales, Nancy Clendenen, Columbus 04

Ancient Civilizations, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07

The Asian Holocaust, Joy Vargas Painter, Wooster 07

Asian Literature #1, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04

Asian Literature #2, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04

Business Strategy with Asia: Outsourcing or Not?, Craig Rush, Cincinnati 06

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Immigration to the U.S., Judy Szewczak, Toledo 05

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Language Basics, Una King, Wooster 07

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Numbers and Luck, Una King, Wooster 07

Comfort Women, Joy Vargas Painter, Wooster 07

Comparing Buddhism and Confucianism, Alaric Harris, Cincinnati 06

Comparing Data, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04

Comparing World Religions, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06

Current Events in East Asia, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07

East Asia, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04

East Asia and the World, Willard, Cincinnati 06

East Asian Art & Cultural Elements, Tracy Wienhold, Cleveland 05

Exploring the Asian Cultural Tradition Through Multimedia Art, Michael Hinze, Columbus 06

Folktales (African American, Chinese, Japanese, & Korean), Leslie Gilchrist Walker, Cleveland 05

The Olympic Dream, James Velo, Columbus 06

Population Facts and Figures, James Velo, Columbus 06

"Second Star to the Left and Straight on 'Til Morning" - Spreadsheet Driven Exploration on Pacific Asian Geography, Scott Lightfoot, Toledo 05

A Survey of Ancient Religions, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04

Time Travel: China, Japan, & Korea, Anita Russ , Cleveland 05

Transportation in East Asia, James Velo, Columbus 06

Using Charts and Graphs to Study East Asia’s Modern Economy, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06